The Thrift Diving Podcast

11 New Creative Hobbies to Try in 2023! - #95

December 11, 2022 Serena Appiah Season 1 Episode 95
The Thrift Diving Podcast
11 New Creative Hobbies to Try in 2023! - #95
The Thrift Diving Podcast
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Show Notes

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In my opinion, people that have hobbies (especially creative ones!) are the happiest people. We don't need research to tell us that (it's pretty obvious if you're a crafter!), but there was a 2009 study that found that people who had hobbies (for example, hobbies, sports, socializing, or spending time in nature) are more likely to have lower blood pressure, lower levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone), and lower levels of depression. Individuals who engaged in more frequent enjoyable leisure activities had better psychological and physical functioning.

With those kinds of results, why aren't more people engaging in hobbies? It could due to lack of time, health issues, lack of money, etc. But our physical and mental health are dependent on us engaging in some of these fun activities! And some of the best hobbies don't cost very much to get started, if you're strapped financially. Here are some ideas for hobbies to add to your list in 2023!

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  • for knitting (Let's connect there! Look for "thriftdiving")
  • Very Pink Knits for knitting help
  • Woodcraft woodworking classes
  • Canva for scrapbooking
  • Duolingo for learning a foreign language


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